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Who We Are

Pioneer Valley Juniors is a 501(c)(3) non-profit volleyball program devoted to the development of the volleyball skills of girls, boys and coaches who live primarily in Western Massachusetts. Our club exists for the benefit of those who wish to achieve excellence in the sport of volleyball and to promote interest in the sport at the local level. We teach individuals to excel, promote competitiveness, and develop leadership skills that affect every aspect of an athlete’s life. We achieve this by participating in the New England Region of USA Volleyball Junior Olympic Season, AAU Volleyball and our through our own clinics, leagues and camps.  

Pioneer Valley Juniors is a highly successful, family oriented, club volleyball program that is committed to the development of every single athlete in each and every one in our programs.

Highly Successful:
Pioneer Valley Juniors is one of the top volleyball clubs in the New England Region winning back-to-back 18 Open Championships in 2010 and 2011 along with a 15's Championship in 2012.  We measure our success by far more than just what the scoreboard says or a team record.  Program unity, the development of well-rounded persons and creating an enjoyable atmosphere is equally important to us as wins and losses.

Family Oriented:
Pioneer Valley Juniors is committed to putting our member families above any other goal. When the directors and staff are faced with making a decision we ask the following question:  What is best for our athletes and their families?  We are the NEXT GENERATION VOLLEYBALL CLUB and have a duty to help grow and prepare our athletes to become successful adults.

Every Single Athlete:
Pioneer Valley Juniors is committed to providing the best in player development, no matter the age or level. While we are known for our highly competitive Open program, we are equally proud of our youth introductory clinics and regional teams.  Every year we strive to offer the very best programs possible for every age and level. What makes us unique to many surrounding clubs is our program mentality. During one club season, every athlete of ours will receive instruction from at least 10 different coaches on our staff including our directors. 

The Next Generation Volleyball Club:
PV Juniors is driven to become the premier volleyball and athletic fitness training organization in Western Massachusetts by offering a full range of programs, activities and events to our members. This will be accomplished by:

  • Developing interest and encouraging participation in large numbers by conducting clinics, camps and leagues for players at all levels.
  • Providing quality training to enhance and develop the skills of our athletes. Through participation in our program an athlete will benefit physically, emotionally and socially.
  • Developing competitive teams whereby recognition is gained through winning and team achievements (Open/National Teams).
  • Encouraging and helping our athletes pursue higher education.
  • Training quality coaches to be teachers of the game and maintain strong discipline, while creating a positive environment.